Minor update on my BBC Sherlock fan fic projects

Although I've been hanging out on AO3 lately, I still don't have a fanfic blog there so I guess I'll be using Live Journal for that still.

1. BBC2 Sherlock fan fic series project no. 1 - Currently, I have a BBC Sherlock Sherlock/Moriarty mpreg - yes I said mpreg - series going called "Living Proof." (Never thought I'd go to the dark side but there I be! *grin*) It's currently in 5 parts and I'm finally closing in on the last 2 installments.  The series description is "You didn't think KILLING Sherlock was Jim's goal did you? Tsk, tesk..." I didn't plan it to include mpreg. I didn't plan it to include sherlolly. I didn't plan it to include glimpses of (my take on) Sherlock and Mycroft's family history, and I didn't plan to include a taste of Johnlock. But it looks like this series will have ALL of that. Who knew? Lol
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While the last segment remains untitled, I'm currently calling the next to last segment "So We'll Go No More A Roving". The title comes from the poem by Lord Byron, the first section of which reads "So we'll go no more a roving. So late into the night. Though the heart be still as loving and the moon be still as bright." THAT'S how I see Sherlock and John - as camrades in arms roving through the night. And this story is about how they will never be that again. You can find the whole poem here.

You MUST be of age to read it. And, because one or two folks have gotten slightly weird about it, I've locked the series. You must be an AO3 member to read it and I'm happy to send you an invite so you can join if you need one.

2. BBC2 Sherlock fan fic series project no. 2 - I have another BBC Sherlock Sherlock fan fic project, focusing on Mycroft's love life this time. Currently there is only one story, "Best Laid Plans and Tables" that's gotten a nice little reception. I guess because I actually give Mycroft some hanky panky time! Anyway, I always knew this was going to be a series if I could swing it. And now ideas for the second story are swirling around my head. I don't have a title for the sequence to this yet. But I do have a name, history and backstory for Mycroft's unnamed lover in Best Laid.  I'm calling her the anti-Irene...

3. Snapecase 2017 story - Yay! Snapecase is back. And I've actually got real live notes for my story, sweet! And that's all I can say about that so I don't spoil the eventual reveals.

That's all for now!

FIC: Midnight at the Death Eatery

Featuring LIVE entertainment every night!

Never let it be said that karma doesn’t have a sick - no really, I wouldn’t even do this to Voldemort! - sense of humor… An alternate universe of what should have, could have – ah, hell, just enjoy the crack!


This is not a story. I don’t know what this is. So…here it is!
Disclaimer: Ahem, YES I am temporarily jacking J.K. Rowling's ish so I can create some ish of my own (that I don't really own). Satisfied Warner Brothers, Bloomsbury Press and other assorted evil corporate overlords? Good. Now on to the story.

Excerpts from the (unofficial) report on the progress of the Death Eater Occupational Rehabilitation initiative.

Authored by Prisoner Rehabilitation Liaison No. THX-1138, Department of Magical Law Enforcement


Former Potions Master Severus Snape is the cook. His ribs are to die for. Just don’t ask who – I mean what, I definitely said what – they came from.

Bellatrix Lestrange is the coat check girl. For the love of Merlin do not forget your receipt. That girl’s got an itchy wand finger. Nothing like a little crucio to sharpen your memory! Sure, go ahead, live dangerously anddon’t tip…

Lucius Malfoy is the head dishwasher. Yeah his luxuriously long mane of silvery blonde hair does trail into the dish water. But he conditions it religiously so the plates get an extra layer of shine.

Narcissa Malfoy is the head waitress. So, nope, she ain’t gettin’ you fries with that. And if you’re really nice she might even tell you – in between manicures – what’s really in that hamburger. Then again, she told Voldie that Harry was dead, so…

Voldemort is host of the Amazing Marvolo Magic Show! …no-oo-oo he hasn’t yet mastered pulling a rabbit out of a hat. But, for a little gratuity, he can put a piece of your soul in it (Bunny horcrux – yeah!) Plus, Bella always volunteers to be cut in half. One day he might even get it right. She keeps hoping. That’s our Bella, a true team player!

To be continued (maybe)...


Yeah...it's been a long year. So anyhoo, I may or may not have gotten inspiration from Not Exactly Dickens' gloriously cracky "In Snape's Kitchen," which can be found on the Occlumency website at http://occlumency.sycophanthex.com/viewuser.php?uid=7127
Just sayin'...

Snapecase is back!!

Snape Showcase
[info]snapecase: Celebrating Severus Snape throughout his ages!

I participated in this back around 2013 I believe back when it was then thought to be the last one ever. First time I'd ever done a fanfic showcase. And of course I needed an extension. But the moderator was gracious enough to grant one and I had the chance to write one of my personal favorites of my fan fics, Accounts Past Due in which Severus finds himself cleaning up some unexpected mess from his Death Eater past.

It turned out to be such a positive experience. I really enjoyed it. It helped build my confidence as a writer. And I am deeply grateful for the kind reviews.

So if you're looking for a showcase check it out! *crosses fingers that I can do it again this year*

Nuns, Black Female Saints and Literary Progress

 This more than likely won't matter to anyone but me, but I've FINALLY made progress on an original character I've created. I say character because at the moment she crosses into several story ideas I have so I haven't quite nailed her down to just one. Anyway...

...for years now I've wanted to create a Black female saint.

In the last decade or two, with the exception of Susanna Clark's "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell" and the Harry Potter series, I've fallen out of love with mainstream fantasy and sci-fi books. I can still stand to watch them in the movies (The Hunger Games) or on TV (Syfy's The Magicians). But when it comes to books, I haven't really seen anything that truly makes me want to engage. Non-fiction is fine. I have a taste for history and biography. But fiction has been quite a disappointment. When it comes to fiction, I basically only read fan fiction because I know that at least I'll find something that I like albeit I'll have to hunt for it.

Like a lot of folks I've given up on current fiction and decided that I'll have to write my own. As any aspiring writer knows, that's a BIG mountain to climb. But today I managed to rise a few feet.

I had an idea for a saint but how do I make her believable? I write her version of "scripture."

Today I finally managed to draft pages of "scripture" authored by my character, including her near end-times prophecy. Previously, I couldn't figure out when to place her. Currently, I'm toying with the era of Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate and church scholar Augustine. (There's a reason for this). I've written her version of St. Paul's letters (to the Romans, to the Corinthians, to the Ephesians, etc.). And I've given her a revelation a la St. John the Divine. I can now also fit her more comfortably into the histories of the 3 fictional convent orders I've created for her: one in Alexandria, Egypt; one in Europe; and one in America).

And yes I know this is weird, lol. In my defense, I had an aunt who was a nun and once in my twenties I spent a week in the convent with her. Yep. That's what I said. For those among them who are still alive to remember, they'll remember me from when I was a baby because my family regularly visited my aunt from the time I was an infant. It's very weird (in a nice way but still weird) to travel to the Maryknoll convent in Ossining, NY when you're 7 years old and meet women whom you've "never" seen before but who remember YOU from when you were a baby. Lol.

In any case, I came by my inspiration honestly.

The Maryknoll nuns are some of the bravest, smartest, most dedicated women I have ever met. My aunt spent 15 years in Tanzania. She only left because she became ill and had to be flown out. I remember as a child (and this is dating myself) watching news coverage of Idi Amin's invasion and waiting for the phone call that my aunt had gotten out before he went in. Thank God she did. The nuns who were killed in Central America (I believe it was El Salvador but I know it was in the era of the Sandinistas) were Maryknoll nuns. My aunt taught Gertrude Mongella(sp?) who went on the lead the Women's Conference in Beijing. To me, imperfect as they are, these women are heroes. I am so proud I got to know them and forever proud of my aunt who passed away years ago. God bless you, Aunt Geneva. This one's for you.

This is painful - Paramount sues fanfic writers over copyright infringement

Read the article

As a Star Trek fan from way back - i.e., ORIGINAL Star Trek and all of the fanzines (remember that word anybody?) were PRINTED - this is painful. I haven't seen the film although the article includes photos from it. But based on what I have seen there is no way these guys can win this. And honestly, I don't think I want them to.

It doesn't seem possible that they didn't know EXACTLY what they were doing. If that is the case, there really is no leg to stand on as far as I can see. I believe the current copyright law extends ownership of a work to 90 some odd years before the work goes into the public domain (unless of course the owner renews the copyright). The original series debuted in the 60s. We'd have to get to something like 2050, before this kind of work would be legal. And these guys are clearly using concepts from the 1980s films and the 1990s show and so on and so forth. So nowhere near enough time has passed for any of this to be legal.

Look I know fanfic gets a bad rap. But as all the really serious fanfic writers know, fanfic is hovering right on the edge of the mainstream right now. Like it or not, Fifty Shades of Grey made that happen. I can't help but think that fanfic has become the unofficial farm team for publishers scouting new authors. Self-publishers are the official minor league. But fanfic is right behind it. Mainstream content creators are taking it VERY seriously now. So now more than ever we have to watch our p's and q's.

I know it's not easy. In fact I think it's frankly ridiculous to have to add the disclaimer to every single piece of fanfic we create when to me it's quite obvious that no money is being made. I mean, if I'm printing copies to sell (and even THAT was overlooked as long as no one made a profit), or placing a download link conditional upon dropping some money into PayPal account, that's a different story. The vast majority of us are clearly not out here trying to score a buck on fanfic.

But it IS hard to ply your blood, sweat, tears and creativity into generating quality writing while knowing that you can never profit from that labor. I know I feel that way. Which is why I've turned toward focusing more on my own original fic. Fanfic is what I use to sharpen my skills as both a writer and a reader. But I don't expect to make a dime off it because it is illegal to make money off of someone else's work.

If I can figure that out, these guys certainly can. Let's just hope they don't ruin it for the rest of us.

Looking back on my love of reading

Delphismith found the following on a Goodreads (finally created MY Goodreads account - Yay!) discussion and her memories were great so I figured I'd give it a whirl.

From Delphismith:  "Recently over on GoodReads, someone started a discussion on "How Did You Become a Reader?" and kicked it off with the following three questions, to which I have added a fourth:

1) Do you remember being read to as a child?
2) Do you remember when you first realized you love to read?
3) Have you always liked to read, or is it something you developed later?
4) What are some "firsts" in your life as a reader?"

Let's see *rubs hands together*

1) Yep - Mom read to us every night when my older sister and I were small. Once we hit 3rd grade though, we were on our own. Which was fine by me because I'd turned into a little book junkie anyway. She would have just gotten in the way *snicker*

2) I don't think there was ever a moment when I realized I love to read. I don't even remember learning how to read. I have one memory of being in my high chair and one of being in my crib. After those, my full memories go back to age 3 and I was definitely reading by then. My Dad claims I've been reading since I was 2. Okay. I'll take it. But reading has been as natural to me as breathing. And yes I will get the shakes if I don't have a book stashed someone. (Gimme that page! *snatch*)

3) I think I answered this in the previous.

4) Some of my firsts? Hmm. I remember feeling like a total grownup the first time I read a book without pictures. I just don't remember what that book was. I also remember reading my first grown up biography. It was a Reader's Digest condensed version of Stefan Zweig's biograhy of Marie Antoinette. I won it in a drawing. I was 10. I struggled to read that bio and I think it took me years before I really got all of it. But I have to say that struggling to read it pushed me to expand my vocabulary, so I've always been fond of that bio for that reason.

Things we never say...

...but I'm going to say 'em anyway.

1. I don't want to hear from J.K. Rowling anymore. I loved the Harry Potter series. She's a zillionaire. ENOUGH ALREADY. Stop milking this dead cow. And yes I'm doing my best to ignore anything published about North American wizardry. Oh and the issue with Native American character portrayals? Deserved or not, you should have seen that coming.

2. WHY did it take so long to remove Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear? I can't remember whether it was 2 or 3 years ago (or less) when I found the Benedict Cumberbatch episode online because hey, I'm Cumberbatch fan. As I watched, Clarkson just casually dropped how "lazy" he thought Mexicans were. EXCUSE THE EFF OUTTA ME? My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe it. I'd like to think that would be an IMMEDIATE firing offense here in the U.S. (I like to think...) but it took what another year or two to get rid of this man? Sheesh! Anyway, good riddance!

3. With all these new year deaths, am I the only one who thinks something's coming? Yep, I like astrology and at least one astrologer has said 2016 will be a reset year. And yes, life has been really sucky for me lately (job hunting, unemployement benefits ran out, joy and rapture) so I totally could use a reset. But that's easy to say. So I took it with a grain of salt - until folks started dropping dead, most importantly my beloved Alan Rickman. But of course now also, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, favorite of hard-core American conservatives everywhere, died unexpectedly. Talk about a game changer! So now I'm taking that astrologer seriously. And the thing is, I think about how things are economically with the 1% living off the fat of the land and the 99% scrambling for crumbs. And what does the Good Book say about the wicked? Their foot shall slide in due time. Hmm. I think some folks are feeling their feet start to slide. And when I think of everyone who's gotten rich off of cheating and lying and stealing and fraud or by just squatting in their cushy jobs and not giving a toss about anyone stuck below them who's got a new idea and nowhere to go with it, I tend to think "This year, it's coming and it's coming for YOU."  Was it in the Book of Amos? Let righteousness roll down like a mighty stream!

Can I get an Amen somebody?

Fic: Hogwarts - Help Wanted

Logline: Because it can't always be Dark Lords and Death Eaters, you know. Because the elves can't do everything. And because even wizards have to eat.

Rated: G or K - safe for all audiences


From: Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress, Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland, vicinity of Hogsmeade

To: Mr. Tantalus Flowright, Owner, Flowright Plumbing, Ltd., Glasgow, Scotland

Date: June 24, 1993

Dear Mr. Flowright:
Thank you for your services in unclogging the toilets in the girls’ lavatory. The management of restless spirits is a particularly delicate process and Moaning Myrtle has always been a bit of a handful. Your diplomacy in getting her to expand her haunting area to more manageable drains was a master stroke. I’m sure she will be very effective in plugging that chronic leak near the Slytherin dorms. Enclosed, please find a Gringotts cheque in the amount specified by your invoice, as well as an added gratuity for going above and beyond your requested service.

In addition, Professors Sprout and Snape wished me to extend their gratitude as well. Prof. Sprout says her tantacula leaves are overgrowing their pots and will require replanting much sooner than she expected. Clearly, your upgrade to the greenhouse irrigation system has done wonders.

Prof. Snape said that while the potions lab drains should have been widened to speed drainage (I have explained to him that would require more work than is allowed for in the yearly budget) your remediation of the corrosion in the pipes has greatly reduced the time he has to devote to applying acid-base neutralization spells every week “which must be counted as an advantage.” In addition, he expressed his appreciation for you plugging that leak near the Slytherin dorms (again, while simultaneously fixing the girls’ lavatory and managing Moaning Myrtle – clever work that!) and cleaning out the heating system pipes to allow more even distribution of heat in the dungeons. As a result, he expects he will have to brew fewer pepper-up potions for cold and flu patients next year.

I must also add that the Headmaster was highly satisfied with the quality and ingenuity of your work. He would like you to know that you are our first choice for any future plumbing repairs. In light of that, I must let you know in confidence that a section beneath Hogwarts will require major plumbing renovations. Typically, we would put such a major project out for bid. However, the Headmaster specifically asked that I inquire with you first. Have you ever heard of a creature called a basilisk?...

To be continued...

Author's End Notes: Yep, for what it's worth, this journal is still alive. And since I'm stressing about life at the moment I'm distracting myself with writing fan fic. I don't have an ending planned for this. It's basically a series of vignettes looking at the practicalities of the wizard world and how Hogwarts must work.

Alan Rickman - We lost a great one

First there was Natalie Cole. Then there was David Bowie. And now Alan Rickman.

Losing Alan closes a chapter of my life. While I would prefer not to lose him, I can't say I'm sad to see the end of this chapter. Time to look forward towards something new. And I think Alan would feel the same. No, he wouldn't want to go. But he always understood that things change. We have to keep growing. That means not everything can stay the same. Not everything or everyone can stay. I think he's looking down eager to see what comes next now that he's had his final stage exit. I look forward to it too.

I was lucky enough to see him live 3x. First, I saw him during a director's talk for the play, The Creditors, which he directed (and which co-starred his god-son, I found out later). Second I saw him as the star of the Ibsen play John Gabriel Borkman with Lindsay Duncan who was in Les Liaisons with him. Finally, I saw him in Seminar. I enjoyed myself immensely each time. After Seminar I got his autograph. I NEVER get autographs. I despise doing it. He is one of only 2 for whom I've made that exception. Below is the video I took of that occasion.

Rest in peace Alan.


Salazar Slytherin - a Moor?

Okay, I've been wondering about this for a while now.

I have always loved fairy tales. And when Lady Diana became Princess Diana, I was hooked. That was it. I started looking for the HISTORY behind the fairy tales. If real-life princesses actually existed, then where were the castles and the crown jewels, yadda yadda.

So for the last decade or two I've been trolling for history and I can't help but have it in the back of my mind when I watch a Disney version of a fairy tale (seriously, where the hell DID Elsa ("Frozen") live anyway? Sweden, Norway, Finland?) or I see movies like...the Harry Potter series.

The more I read about the Moors in Europe, the more I think Salazar Slytherin was either one of them or educated within the Moorish empire. That could mean Spain (which the Moors invaded in 711 AD), or North Africa or the Middle East). Why do I think this? Well from the first time I heard his name in relation to the founders I thought "Wait a minute, that doesn't exactly sound Anglo-Saxon or Frankish or Irish etc." To me it sounded Mediterranean, possibly Spanish or Italian. Yes it could be something else, but that's just how his name struck me. Then I read that the Moors had great universities and had studied optics. Salazar was exceedingly intelligent (I think he was the strongest of the founders but that's my bias *grin*). Salazar allegedly could also control the Basilisk using a special pair of glasses.

The enmity between Salazar and the other founders (if it actually was enmity) could be explained by the politics of the day. The Moors worshipped Allah. The Europeans worshipped Christ. Spain was under the control of the Moors. The survivors of the Visigoth kingdoms that got overthrown were always fighting to get control of Spain back.
Oh and the Moors were also in Sicily so that could explain any Italian ancestry.

Here's another thought: the Moors were in contact with Europe, Africa, India and possibly China. If Salazar could practice magic from other non-European traditions it's possible the other founders misunderstood it, were frightened by it and labelled it Dark Magic.

Oh well, just some thoughts...